LiveDesktop is an eco-friendly part of any sound environmental marketing strategy.

Want to reduce your environmental footprint? LiveDesktop can be a key part of any corporate environmental strategy. Since LiveDesktop runs just as fast on an old PC as a new one, you can get more usage and life out of your existing equipment and minimize technology waste. You can eventually replace standard monitor-and-tower or laptop workstations and laptops with eco-friendly thin client notebooks while enjoying the same results and lightning fast service. Thin clients cost less, use 85% to 95% less power and produce less carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases than regular computers. They require far fewer materials to build and have a very long life expectancy. That means less discarded computer equipment in our landfills.

Thin clients represent only a minute portion of the hundreds of millions of computers disposed of each year in the US and Canada (of which only 15% to 20% are recycled). They also emit very little heat, so you need less power to cool down your workplace.

Using LiveDesktop with thin clients strengthens your reputation as a socially and environmentally responsible company that embraces green solutions. More importantly, it allows you to improve your bottom line while you safeguard the environment.

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